Doug Robinson


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Recent Press About Doug and His Work

The Climbing Zine – Review of The Alchemy of Action, by co-founder Al Smith III, Feb. 16, 2016

The Climbing Zine book review “Doug’s book speaks to me because he gets at that natural high in life that we, the ‘conquistadors of the useless,‘ get to experience. I applaud Doug for this book and I hope it inspires the already inspired in the journeys and adventures of our lives.”

Alpine Journal 2015, Volume 119 – Review of The Alchemy of Action, by former editor Stephen Goodwin

The_Alpine_Journal_UK_2015Alchemy is a joyous trip, guided by a knowing roshi who blends the insight of Aldous Huxley (much referenced) and the romance of John Muir with the vernacular of The Dude in The Big Lebowski… With this stimulating and original book it is now Doug Robinson who is the alchemist, turning wit, words and dedicated personal research to wisdom. And as he says of the hormonal cocktail served up on the edge: How could you resist?…”

American Alpine Journal 2014 – Review of The Alchemy of Action, by Dick Dorworth

AAJ 2014 cover thumbnail“This is a beautifully written, deeply researched, insightful, and groundbreaking contribution to human understanding (and consciousness). It is a great read about climbing, among many other human activities, but it is bigger than that in the same way contemplation from the summit encompasses more than summit-inspired chest thumping…”

The Alchemist, by Brad Rassler, Ascent magazine – May 2014 issue, republished on Sustainable Play

The-Alchemist-lead-photo-th“In 1969, Doug Robinson published ‘The Climber as Visionary.’ The article raised the question of whether a climber’s brain, in times of stress or elation, could produce natural drugs that mimicked the effects of recreational chemicals including LSD and marijuana. Forty-four years later, Robinson thinks he has found the answer… The natural high Robinson describes is more one of enhanced visual acuity, a slight sensation of floatiness, an alert mind, a forestalling of time, an amplification of self-efficacy, and a sense of the profound, which is so evident in mountaineering literature.”

TNB: Moving Over Stone With Doug Robinson, by Duane Raleigh, publisher and editor-in-chief,
Rock and Ice magazine – September 16, 2014

TNB-email-cropped“Doug was of the generation that bridged the old school of Royal Robbins and Yvon Chouinard, and the newcomers Jim Bridwell and the Stonemasters. He’s a hippie (he might prefer ‘bohemian’) molded by the Bay Area scene of the 1960s when you could freely enjoy certain now nearly forgotten liberties that I suspect provided the germ for his alchemy concept.”

Speaker Series: Doug Robinson – Rock and Snow article and interview by climber-writer Whitney Boland, – October 2014

Doug Robinson is Coming to BKB! – Brooklyn Boulders blog post written by Cyrena Lee – October 6, 2014

Get High, by Kelsie Bowman, Get Out Chattanooga – October 2014

Getting High in the Mountains, by Emily Wolfe, managing editor, Explore Big Sky – March 21-April 3, 2014

Explore Big Sky
“What [Doug Robinson] is doing is similar to Michael Pollan’s conceit in The Botany of Desire, but he takes it a step further… Doug is urging you to get high on your own brain by simply getting off the couch, putting down the iPhone, and getting outdoors to experience your brain when it’s turned on fully.”