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Posted on September 25, 2014 Comments Off on Video

The 25th Anniversary Edition – on DVD!

Moving Over Stone, Doug’s instructional-inspirational video about climbing—featuring Lynn Hill, Peter Croft, John Bachar, Todd Skinner, Dale Bard, Bobbi Bensman, Jerry Moffatt and Stephen Glowacz—is the best-selling “rock video” of the early Stone age. The original VHS tape (what’s that, Dad?) came out in 1988, and we just released the 25th Anniversary Edition on DVD. It’s a classic, and it’s still really current. For gym climbers who are interested in transitioning to real rock, it is invaluable.

“Moving Over Stone was a breakthrough video for climbers 25 years ago, but the lessons it taught remain relevant. 
…Every climber should watch it.

~ Duane Raleigh, Publisher and Editor-in-Chief, Rock and Ice and Ascent magazines

Moving Over Stone opening